The reason why the Warriors had completed four years of three c

  • The reason why the Warriors had completed four years of Buy Madden 18 Coins three championships, also set a record number of proud, has a direct relationship with their luxury lineup configuration. With a unique talent and mature player development system, they have trained a large number of outstanding young players and successfully established an all-star lineup that can compete with any great team in history. Including Curry, Thompson, and Green, these guys were all ranked fifth in the draft and they were all selected as All-Stars this season. On the whole, three people have no substitute. Like chess pieces in Chinese chess, Curry is a horse, dexterous and active, giving opponents a headache; Thompson is a gun, full of explosive power, destroying each other; Green is the best offensive and defensive unit.


    Those who know the history of cowboys hear the cowboy "trident" name, will first think of 90's Troy - Aikeman (quarterback), Amit - Smith (back runners) and Michael - Irvine (external hand ) The composition of the "trident" in the League kills a special kill, an epic record of 4 years and 3 crowns. At the same time, these three men are all Cowboys draft picks. They complement each other in the offensive lineup of the Cowboys, accomplish each other, and all three retired into the Hall of Fame.