The most important thing

  • Young said the NFL brand managers with whom EA Tiburon checks in for approval loved the first Longshot — even with its frank themes of rejection and its utilitarian approach to player talent. He and Zuniga have a lot of trust they can work into Longshot’s next episode, in other words. The most important thing, he said, was to work gameplay into the story more than the first Longshot did. Young had designed several cinematic introductions that preceded Madden NFL 15, 16 and 17 meant to be played as the game was installing. While these chapters helped Young form the story and presentation of Longshot, he realized that Madden players expected a lot  Buy Madden 18 Coins more of an interactive experience.


    “But we did not want to make these elaborate investments that pull you away from the game, where you’re just spending a lot of time watching this well-written, elaborate story,” Young said.‘What influenced the writing of Longshot 2 is, basically, are you a fraud, or could you do this again?” Young said, meaning the up-from-nothing story that began Devin Wade’s journey last year. “And how do we make this the hardest on Devin and Colt?”