In the early stages of the game

  • In the third quarter, the Golden Knight finally made a contribution. In 5 minutes and 43 seconds, the Golden Knight attacked in the attack zone of NHL 18 Coins the capital, and Colin Miller's blue ball was backhanded to Eric Howrah. The latter passed the pass. James - Neil caught the ball directly after Holtby, he picked the ball over the shoulders of Holtby scored the ball, the Golden Knight still 1-4 behind. After that, the capitalists still had the chance to win the goal and Ovechekin was single-edged to the front of the door. 12 minutes and 26 seconds Riley Smith received assists from Spiesa and Malcheso to regain a point for the Golden Knights, but one minute later Mikar Campupi scored another goal for the capital. One minute before the end of the game, Bret Connolly scored another goal for the capitalists. Eventually, the capitalists defeated the Golden Knights 6-2 at home, and only one victory away from their first Stanley Cup.


    In the early stages of the game, the team was once suppressed. Who helped the people in the capital survive the difficulties? Of course, goalkeeper Holtby. From the time of the opening to the middle of the second quarter, there was a long time air defense warning in front of the capitalists, but the capitalists had a steady play of Holtby, helping the team through a difficult period and finally protecting the victory. The fruit.