There is also a strong passing game

  • For that matter, the running game has seen some improvement. It feels a little smoother this time around, with jukes and spins coming off a bit more naturally. And, yes, every time I’m near an end zone, I still jump in, just because I’m so elated to Buy Madden 18 Coins reach the damn thing in the first place.


    There’s also a strong passing game, though it still isn’t quite where it could be because of the management of an extra cursor. Having to keep tabs on your target can be a bit tough at times, especially against a hasty MUT opponent, but once you get your throws off, you’ll find that you can land most of them with ease – provided you don’t get intercepted, of course. (Again, they’re out there.)


    Now let’s talk about the new engine – the Frostbite engine. With this in effect, the football does look a little more realistic, and there’s a great use of color and player models, especially after you nail a big tackle. It’s not perfect, though, as there are occasional frame rate stutters and weird-looking players out there. Overall, though, it’s still pretty smooth, and definitely something to build upon for future games.