As cornball as some of the other humor is

  • And that’s after you navigate the shrinkwrap, another cruelty brought to you by the consumer packaging makers of America (motto: Did you steal this? Looks to us like you stole it.)


    As cornball as some of  Buy Madden 18 Coins the other humor is, there's some truth to that, too. About three Christmases ago, Dad asked me to bring over my Xbox 360 and show him what I spent so much time writing about and doing. Trying to teach him NFL Blitz was impossible. The flip side is, no one buys a console with this kind of power, and a $60 game, for a one-button mode, either.


    Longshot tells the story of Devin Wade (J.R. Lemon), a former star quarterback from Mathis, Texas, who gave up his college football career after a family tragedy. When a trip to the NFL Combine gives Wade an unexpected shot at redemption, he's forced to confront both real-life challenges as well as his inner demons as he competes for a chance to get drafted.