In the second half of the second game

  • In the second half of the second half, although Poselo had been beaten by Martin and Morales respectively, the other players of the Blue Jays did not provide fire support, but they could not reap two obstacles. Boselo smoothly passed the second game. . In the second half of the second game, after Estrada settled Holt, the captain Leon hit a right outfield second base and then the ninth stick, Jackie Bradley, went out with a high flying ball, but Esther Trada scored a very long distance with every player; his problem was immediately lost, and Benin Tendee hit a "green monster" with a powerful fly to form a second base. Second baser Leon returned home to score 3-0. Bluebird's starting pitcher was hit by 5 hits in only 2 innings, 4 of MLB The Show 18 Stubs which were long play.

    In the fourth half of the fourth game, Poselo once again faced the Blue Jays Center line and Solart solved one ball, but when faced with the fourth bar Smokke, an 87-mph gliding ball was shot right. The outfielder scored a far high ball and scored a home run. This is Smok’s eighth home run this season, 3-1. However, the Blue Jays' offense had only a single flowering. After Hernandez and Martin both rolled out of the game, Bluebird regained one point in this game. In the second half of the fourth inning, Estrada failed to hold the score in the latter quarter. He was hit by Holt's first base and then stole to the second base. The ninth stick was Jackie-Brown. Rudley returned to Holt with a hit and the Red Sox scored again, 4-1. Due to poor performance, Estrada was replaced and only finished 3.2 games, hit 7 hits, lost 4 points and only sent a strikeout.