I love MapleStory so much Maplestory Mesos

  • I love MapleStory so much, I have been playing this game for Maplestory Mesos approximately 8 decades, yes, it's a really long time and we had such loving fun together in game, so I want to see a better MapleStory, below is my own ideas.

    Boss Queues:When boss queueing, party leader rankings does not get handed to the person who joined the new party,Be able to queue to Monsters Boss with no all of the party members become the exact same station,Boss queueing for Arkarium should take the party outside the altar rather than Crack in Time.Boss Content:Remove Physical Attack Immunity on Arkarium's summons,Permit infinite entrances, but 1 apparent per day for the majority of bosses,Remove automobile respawns on bosses with passing counts,Eliminate fire upon defeating Chaos Crimson Queen.

    I believe that we shall do see a better MapleStory game in in the coming days, that which we want do is keeping playing this game and keep making suggestions.Some Thoughts About MapleStory Nebs Revamp

    Welcome to mmotank, how do you really feel about the nebs in MapleStory, yes, I understand that Nexon is going to Revamp Nebulite System. It's essentially the vital things without inducing the abundance of problems that have the prior. It must be roughly buy Maplestory Items equivalent to the equipment drop rate in Temple of Time and for supervisors it should scale with problem.