Soul Worker CN Server Closed Beta Scheduled in This Fall

  • At Chinajoy 2017, 360 Games has announced to write the anime action MMORPG Soul Worker Dzenai in China, the Chinese CBT is scheduled in fall 2017. Soul Worker is put together by Lion Games, the English version is published by Gameforge, the English beta remains silent ever since the announcement produced in April 2016.
    Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai is really a highly anticipated anime action MMORPG, which features the full 3D graphics, impressive cute anime style charachters, huge weapons and intense combats. There'll be four classes available, each exuding an accurate Anime feel. Players can decide between your 'Soulum Sword', 'Mist Scythe' 'Gun Jazz' or 'Howling Guitar'. An optimised third-person camera lets the action-laden battles shine and serves to focus on the beauty with the real-time effects.