Closers sets a February 6 launch date

  • Need some color and tall tales to wipe away the greyscale weather? Closers contains 350% while using RDA of vibrant colors and nutritious stories, therefore it may all be yours if your overall game launches a few weeks on Steam.
    En Masse Entertainment announced a state run release date of February 6th today, at which time the publisher provides Closers Credits away from open beta testing and to the live environment permanently. This action-packed MMO that centers around several futuristic kids occurring adventures in Neo-Seoul.
    As players undertake the experience’s narrative, they’ll eventually find yourself facing off against Cheap Closers Credits’ first raid — which, in just a coincidence, can be launching on February 6th. The Tiamat raid tosses players into a Nightmare World from the quest to stop the Queen of Nightmares. Get a look at the raid below!