Path of Exile debuts in China, teases next expansion for Decemb

  • First that it was the launch of their nest expansion, The Fall of Oriath. Then it absolutely was its launch about the Xbox One. And now POE Currency is rounding out an exilerating and exhausting month of activity by going to China with the first time.
    “For a couple of years, we happen to be working with Tencent to make Path of Exile to China,” Grinding Gear Games said. “After months of beta testing, we have been proud to announce it has entered open beta today. Their release includes all in the 3.0.0 content and several specific changes for your Chinese region.”
    The studio stated that this would have been a “big thing” to the game’s worldwide plans, but that’s you cannot assume all it’s implementing: In fact, GGG is working planning its next expansion.
        “Since late 2015, we've got stuck with a schedule of releases every thirteen weeks, alternating between expansions (with attached small challenge leagues) and standalone challenge leagues. This schedule worked effectively Cheap POE Currency until the launch of 3.0.0 shuffled it around, but we want to get back onto this schedule with his next big release from the first week of December 2017. Rather than a challenge league, this release will certainly be a full expansion (though obviously, not nearly the same size as The Fall of Oriath!) Many people our team are needless to say continuing to work on improvements to your Harbinger league and 3.0.0 content, which you’ll see rolled out above the coming days, weeks and months. Thanks for your support along with being a fantastic community.